Dr. Heather Terhune - Veterinarian


Even after 21 years, I still love being a vet!

I love to help people and their pets live longer, healthier and happier lives. Whether that is a new kitten or puppy visit, working through the every day mischief and aging, or easing them into the next world, each moment is one to cherish. Coming from a family of teachers, I take educating on how to take the best care of our furry family friends seriously. I had the best veterinarian as a little girl growing up in rural Alabama with our menagerie of pets and have always strived to be like him. He taught me how to love people through their pets and this is what motivates me to give the best quality medicine I am able to give.

Hi! I'm Dr. Heather Terhune. I graduated from Auburn University in 2001. I worked in Tallahassee, FL for 13 years prior to moving to NC. My interests are feline medicine and surgery. I even spent 10 of those 13 years bringing our 10-doctor practice up to speed in the latest of feline medicine and making it a gold standard Cat Friendly hospital. I hope to do the same here in Southport. My husband's job is what brought us here. And, while we don't have children we do have 3 furry kids: a tenacious tabby named

SugarBooger, a sassy Boston Terrier named Etta James and a too-smart-forher-own-good Drahthaar named Gertie. I hope to give our clients at

Southport Animal Hospital the tools to provide the best care for their pets and their family and the confidence to love their pets well. This is what makes me smile!